Pablo shared the importance of remembering what God has done, and who you are called to be. This message was recorded at Palestine Church.


Kingdom Come Nebraska 2019

Final night of the Kingdom Come Conference with Mitch Stroda, Jahi Evans, Richie Seltzer and Pablo Contreras. This gathering was hosted at Grace Fellowship in Kearney, Nebraska.


Mini-Sermon Monday #4

Topic is Thanksgiving!

I just realized I said three fish. I meant TWO! We all make mistakes. This mistake reminded me of preaching at Abundant Life when I asked what swallowed Jonah and the people responded “a whale!” No. It was a BIG FISH!


Grand Island Shall Be Saved

If God could use a man like Jonah to bring about a revival in the city of Nineveh, then He can most certainly use someone like you and me to bring about a revival in our city, one person at a time. 


Trusting Him

We have a good theology and understanding that we can trust in God, but are we really trusting Him when things around us are not making any sense? I share a personal experience about trusting in God in the mist of trials, and circumstances.



There is a passion inside of each and everyone one of us. Your passion is significant for such a time as this. I share about the importance of our passions that live within us, and how it is vital for today.


Canada Testimony

I share briefly an incredible testimony of an elementary school in Canada who was forever changed. The testimony is not my own, it was a testimony a brother in Christ shared with their church body. It was too good, so I shared it with our church body.